James Bay Walleye Fishing Festival

James Bay Walleye Fishing Festival


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June 22 to July 1

The James Bay Walleye Fishing Festival is an annual event held since 1999 on the shores of Lac Opémiska in the Chapais area, south of the administrative region of Northern Québec. The event is the biggest fishing tournament in Québec and receives more than 1,000 anglers every year from Québec and over the past few years has crossed the province's borders. In order to preserve exceptional fishing quality on Lac Opémiska and with a view to sustainable development, catch and release is mandatory during the competition.

Nothing prevents you from keeping the fish you have caught when you do not participate in the tournament, in accordance with the laws and regulations in force. Fishers of all ages are invited to participate in the competition which is divided into 2 main categories: amateurs and professionals.

The majority of the prizes in the amateur category are randomly awarded among the fishermen, which gives everyone the chance to win. For professionals, the PRO-VIP offers an incomparable experience. As a team, fishers must use strategy to accumulate as many points as quickly as possible in order to get their hands on one of the coveted awards, including that of the first position at $ 12,000.

The competition takes place over two days of fishing for seven hours.  Ten days of activities for the whole family!

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