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Attractions Boréales Baie-James

Attractions Boréales Baie-James


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Adventure and outdoor

Attractions Boréales Baie-James offers different stays in the Chibougamau region to discover the northern beauty of Eeyou Istchee Baie-James. Dog sled expeditions are offered in winter with pure Canadian Eskimos dogs and a summer camp for children is available for the rest of the year. This tourist company, located on the shores of Lake Antoinette, welcomes many adventurers eager to see the wealth of Chibougamau and its great outdoors.

Discover the region with sled dogs is a unique experience. These expeditions make it possible to learn about the Cree population thanks to the visit of the Aanischaaukamikw museum in Oujé-Bougoumou. A visit at Nuuhchimi Wiinuu will allow you to live in traditional homes and enjoy traditional Cree dishes. Many activities will be proposed, such as snowshoeing, hatch, ice fishing ...

An adventure with Attractions Boréales Baie-James is an unforgettable trip in Eeyou Istchee Baie-James!