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Aboriginal Day

Events and Festivals


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Date to come

Although National Indigenous Peoples Day is on June 21st, the Eenou Friendship Centre's festivites will be held on June 18th, 2022 near the beach of Lac Gilman - Chibougamau.

The day begins with a Walking Out Ceremony; games, music, arts and crafts throughout the day followed by feast to which everyone is invited. The ceremony of the first steps marks a stage in the life of the child. It takes place very early in the morning, in a tent whose door is oriented towards the east for the sunrise. Before the age of one year, the child is apprenticed to his extended family. At the age of one, the child begins to go out and discover the world. He is put in contact with the community. From then on, his education will come from the whole community.

  • Free admission.