Even though all checkpoints will be removed on June 9th 2020, and to make sure we protect the elderly and every vulnerable person in Eeyou Istchee, the cree communities will remain closed until further notice

To plan your stay, we highly recommend you contact our team.

Thank you for your support and understanding. See you soon!

Nemaska ᓀᒥᔅᑳᐤ



32 Machishteweyaau Street
J0Y 3B0
819 673-2512

Covid-19 Update: Cree Community Is Closed Until Further Notice


The Cree Nation of Nemaska is the Capital of the Cree Nation of Eeyou Istchee. Nemaska means “where there is plentiful of fish” is the home of the Grand Council of Crees of Eeyou Istchee and the Cree Nation Government.

The original homeland of Nemaska was on the shores of Nemaska Lake of Rivière Rupert and due to historic changes in the Cree Nation from the signing of the James Bay Northern Québec Agreement, the community is now located on Lac Champion.

Nemaska is an extraordinary community where it has grown to be one of the most beautiful Cree Communities in the Cree Nation and is well known for great hospitality for both tourists and guests. Nemaska shares an abundant cultural way of Life and will continue to do so in honor of our Cree Values and principles. Come and visit Nemaska, where there is plentiful of fish!

Population 819