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Waskaganish 350th Anniversary Fall Celebration - Our Harvest


70, Waskaganish Road
J0M 1R0
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Events and Festivals

November 22 to November 24

Traditionally, berry picking and big game hunting such as beaver and moose are done in the fall.
This time of year is a period for harvesting to prepare for the arrival of the long winters of Northern Quebec.

In 2018, to mark the 350th anniversary of Waskaganish, three days of celebration are planned for each season of the year. The event includes workshops on Cree culture and knowledge for participants who seek to reconnect with the traditional way of life or learn more about Cree culture.

Arts Symposium: Fifty artists from Waskaganish and elsewhere in Eeyou Istchee take part in the Arts Symposium, where they present their work in a tradeshow.  Also on the program are demonstrations of traditional crafts-making along with a discussion period.

Cultural and traditional activities: in the old days, the Cree shared their traditional activities among themselves in a congenial spirit. The Elders are invited to share their activities, stories, and pass them on to the next generation. Along with these traditional activities, games and cultural events are also on offer.

Dance and music: we celebrate both our traditional singers and dancers along with contemporary musicians. Artists from across the Cree Nation are invited to share their songs, stories, and dance traditions.

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