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Deborah Ratt - Cree Artist

Arts and regional flavour


J0Y 3C0

At a very young age she is fascinated by the jewels that are made with glass beads by her aunt Elizabeth and her cousin Minnie Salt. As years goes by, she discovers how important is bead weaving in Eeyou Istchee. Woman to woman, one bead at the time, traditions passes on...  As her growing passion for bead weaving confirms itself, she commits to learn the various techniques. Self-educated in the early stage, she pursues her evolution and m astering of the art by following different formations among other, studies at the Montreal Jewelry School - Art lapidary precious stones.

In 2006, she invests herself fully in creating and producing glass beads and precious stone jewelry. In 2010, she makes a long-time dream come true and establish her business, CREE- ATIONS Jewels.

Most recently, Deborah Ratt has accepted a position as resource person for a specialized boutique in native arts and crafts. She gives private lessons. Actually, a lot of her time is invested in laying the foundation of a single window where her clientele could purchase different objects crafted by artists issued from First Nations.

Inspirations: Her research on the evolution of traditional bead weaving practice by Native American and African people enriches her knowledge and her composition. Colors, precious stones, distinctive materials, they all nourish her creativity. It's at sunrise that she prefers working on her creation and no matter where she is, she opens her beads storage case and begins bead weaving in perfect communion with nature.