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Audio-circuit Aschii Nipii land and water

Culture and heritage


Route Billy-Diamond
G8P 2X8
418 748-4441


Travelling through Eeyou Istchee Baie-James? Here's an opportunity to discover a few stories about his vast territory.

From Whapmagoostui to Matagami, along seasons, tracks and rivers, explore the life of the land by listening the way elders recommend.

Aschii Nipii collects into a 6-part audio journey a thread of over 100 stories gleaned from various memory repositories.
Each part is assembled around a Cree legend, as well as a historical and seasonal period.

Trappers, biologists, poets, teachers, storytellers, bears, development officers,
anthropologists, lawyers, musicians, mayors, moose, ministers, writers, kings, philosophers, hunters, builders, sailors, codirectors, merchant adventurers, healers, ambassadors, cooks, wolves, fires, researchers, parliamentarians, professors, broomball players, filmmakers, doctors, ethnomusicologists, historians, ecologists, fishermen, journalists, fiddlers, grand chiefs and grandmothers help mesh a net of stories rooted in the territory.

Explore the tracks for stories and more information on the story-tellers who speak English, Cree and French. Niipin - Summer

Tikwaachin - Automne

Kaskatin - Freezing season

Pipun - Winter

Siikun - Spring

Miyuskamuu - Melting Season