Robert-bourassa Generating Station (LG-2)

Hydroelectric Facilities


Complexe Pierre-Radisson
J0Y 2X0
819 638-8486
800 291-8486

Guided Tours at Robert-Bourassa Generating Station

On october 1979, Québec's premier, Mr. René Lévesque was proceeding at the commissioning of the first generating unit!

Come and admire internationally renowned power-generating facilities! Take advantage of Hydro-Québec's free guided tour of the Robert-Bourassa Generating Station, located 137 metres below the ground. Since repairs are under way, you may get to see a huge generating unit up close!
Following a guided tour, you'll explore the spillway, known as the “Giant's Staircase“, and the dam, which stands as tall as a 53-storey building ! Absolutely amazing!

  • Reservations required 48 hours in advance. Places are limited.
  • Schedule of visits here.
  • Registration: 30 minutes prior to the start of the tour. Photo ID required (driver's license or health insurance card).
  • Procedure masks must be worn for the tour (given at the registration).
  • Tour duration: 3.5 hours.
  • Free admission.
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