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Parc commémoratif des Bâtisseurs

Hydroelectric Facilities


66, Avenue Des Groseilliers Complexe Pierre-Radisson
J0Y 2X0

The Parc commémoratif des Bâtisseurs is located in Radisson.


Upon your stay in Radisson, have a tour at the Parc commémoratif des Bâtisseurs. Located at 5km from Radisson, on the old campsite of LG-2, you will relive again the working conditions, the activities and the huge line at the cafeteria. Also how did the women live their lives at the time? The chiefs of  the different worksites, their role and responsabilities. . 

More than forty pannels on the site, listing 100 000 men and women who contributed to the James bay project! 

You are looking for a name? They are all in alphabetical order. 



Accessible by car from the snow thaw until october.

Duration: 1 hour 

To be done before or after the powerplant tours.