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Johanne T. - Godin, hand-stitched quilts and decorative crafts

Johanne T. Godin, hand-stitched quilts and decorative crafts


352 rue Christophe-Colomb
G8P 2Y9
418 748-7911
581 579-8107

Arts and regional flavour

Hand-stitched quilts: traditional, audacious, contemporary... et autres choses..

The quilt inspires the warmth and comfort of the fireplace. The quilt is a work of art to be clasped in its arms. It becomes an object full of emotions, cherished as a family heritage. Johanne T. Godin is a sympathetic and passionate artisan of this craft.  She will make you discover, for the time of a chat, different fabrics with bold textures and color schemes.

A quilt is aprecious, unique, original, with a finished neat gift for you or for someone you love.

The quils are made with cotton fabrics and cotton wool (100% cotton).

Creation available on request.

Also available: handmade cushions and hand-stitched cushions.