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Nellie W. Gray - Cree Artist

Arts and regional flavour


G0W 1C0
581 579-0101

Nellie is a Mistissini based artist. She learned, and is still working on expanding her traditional knowledge, from her mother, her lifetime teacher. She creates authentic Cree, modern and traditional products from moose hide. She is learning to prepare her own moose hides so she can continue to provide with this unique product in the future.

 She does various authentic moose hide products, such as mittens, moccasins (for adults and babies), glasses and cellphone cases, miniature decorations...

She is also a talented beading artist, from brooches to earrings, including embroidery on her moose hide products. She can also do baby wraps and walking out ceremony outfit.

 For Nellie, learning to do arts and crafts gives her the knowledge and power to build herself, to be a strong Cree woman. She wants to share this knowledge with others and hopes that she'll one day have a place to teach what her mother taught her.