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Retro Daze Café


10 Fort George Road
J0M 1E0


Retro Daze Café
Our business is more of a social club rather than a restuarant.  The area where the tables are is for 18+ only.  We host activities for adults.  We serve wings with my homemade signature sauces everyday from 3pm to 11:45 pm.
On Tuesday's and Wednesday's, we serve my signature spaghetti which I call "spaghettzy" 
We also host office parties, group parties, birthday parties, some karaoke and an open mic night.  It's well received by the customers.
We have a deck which looks over the front of the building and in front of the busiest streets in Chisasibi.

It is a unique place that one can come to and indulge in flavours and activities.

So if you're ever in the area come drop by the Retro Daze Café

Monday - Thursday
10am - 12 am

10am - 1am

1pm - 1am

1pm - 12am

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