Stéfanie Thompson, professionnal-painter

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September 19 to October 7

From September 19 to October 7, Stéfanie Thompson will exhibit at the Matagami Civic Center the works created following her journey on the Billy-Diamond road with the Chibougamois geologist Philippe d'Amboise.


In the summer of 2021, the partners traveled a week on the legendary highway to document future works inspired by the textures, shapes and colors of different types of rocks and to explain their history and characteristics.


Paintings, rocks, notes, photos


The Matagamian painter, best known for her landscapes and her animals, then considered integrating a certain three-dimensionality into her works, in particular by using silicone moldings of parts of rocks.

The rush towards regional Art / Metamorphism is the result of this approach. Each painting in the exhibition will be accompanied by a large banner describing the geological finds of Philippe d'Amboise and expressing the painter's vision of this universe. The exhibition is completed with rocks collected during the journey, notes and photographs.

The videos shot during the expedition and simultaneously broadcast on Thompson's Facebook page, as a kind of making-of, will also be broadcast.