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Table touristique de la Vallée de la Turgeon

Canoe accessed course of the Vallée de la Turgeon


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Adventure and outdoor

Canoe accessed course of the Vallée de la Turgeon, Villebois / 819 941-2034

Vallée de la Turgeon offers numerous canoe and kayak courses that also provide visitors with a glimpse into Baie-James's history and natural treasures.


The Lac Turgeon Tour (23km, 1-2 days, easy)

A magnificent take in the boreal forest with a wealth of stunning natural sites.  Enjoy a rest on one of the many islands, among ancient cedar trees several hundred years old.


The Pionneers Circuit (25km, 1-2 days, easy)

Walk in the footsteps of the first pioneers in Vallée dela Turgeon, who arrived in or aournd 1935.  The tour takes you across a pastoral landscape featuring many vestiges of colonization, including tour covered bridges.


The Rivières Turgeon and Boivin (74km, 3-4 days, easy to moderate)

The circuit includes several rapids with convenient portage sites as well as camping grounds.  It also offers safe and easy access for rowing and padding enthusiasts who love variety.


Lac Imbeau audio interpretive circuit, Valcanton / 819 941-2666 / 819 941-2034

Using a virtual guide, come browse the interpretative water circuit.  The circuit lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes and includes 12 audio information capsules.  Digital players are available for rental at the lac Pajegasque camping grounds.