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"Route de la Baie-James" Itinerary

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Access to the region by airplane and bus.

Map of Eeyou Istchee Baie-James

List of rustic sites, lookouts and trails to enjoy along the roads.

The Eeyou Istchee Baie-James region is a vast territory

Some cities and communities are situated a few hundred kilometers of each other. It is recommended to always refuel gasoline when possible.

Route de la Baie-James

Route de la Baie-James is a 620 kilometres (385 miles) long road that crosses the region from south to north. It is paved and ploughed in the winter  The Cree communities of Waskaganish, Eastmain, Wemindji and Chisasibi are acces­sible by road.

Since the road crosses an isolated and remote territory, for your safety, travellers are asked to register at the Eeyou Istchee James Bay Regional Government Tourism Office 6 kilometres north of Matagami.

 Route Transtaïga

Building the La Grande complex required construction of an east-west road, the Route Transtaïga. In all, Route Transtaïga is about 700 kilometres (435 miles) long. This gravel road starts a few dozen kilometres south of La Grande Airport and leads to the facilities at La Grande-3, La Grande-4, Laforge-1, Laforge-2, Brisay (not accessible to public) and, finally, the Caniapiscau diversion structures.

Route 167

Route 167 connects Saint -Félicien on the northwestern shore of Lac Saint-Jean to Chibougamau; it is an asphalted roadway. It leads to the Cree community of Mistissini as well as to Route du Nord and Route des monts Otish.

Route du Nord

Route du Nord connects Chibougamau to Route de la Baie-James, coastal Cree communities and Radisson. This gravel road is 407 kilometres long (252 miles). Driving on it is an adventure in itself.

Route du Nord was inaugurated in 1993. Built in support of Hydro-Québec's Eastmain project, it is also used by local logging companies for timber transport.

Route 113

The junction of Highway 167 and the northern end of Highway 113 is about 10 kilometres south of Chibougamau. The trip from Chibougamau to Lebel-sur-Quévillon will take you past the Cree community of Oujé-Bougoumou (about 25 km from Highway 113), the town of Chapais and the Cree community of Waswanipi. From Lebel-sur-Quévillon, a logging Road, R-1005, leads to the Route de la Baie-James and Matagami. Route R-1005 is 106 kilometres long, including 88 kilometres of gravel road.

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