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Chisasibi ᒋᓵᓰᐲ



1 Riverside Drive
J0M 1E0
819 855-2878


Located on the south shore of Rivière La Grande, you will find the modern community of Chisasibi, whose name means "Great River" in Cree. Here, the boreal forest merges with the taiga and the waters of James bay mix with those of Hudson bay.

Originally, the community was located on nearby Fort George Island, where every summer, a week long cultural festival known as "Mamoweedow" takes place. A short ferry ride from the mainland will make you discover an area rich in history and culture.

Adventurers looking to spend a couple of nights in a traditional bush camp will be delighted to know that locals are available to guide you and share their incredible legends.

Chisasibi is the last Cree community of Eeyou Istchee Baie-James accessible by road.

Chisasibi community map

Population 5000