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Adventure and outdoor


512, Route 167 Sud, C.P. 422
G8P 2X8
418 748-4441

FaunENord is a team of passionate people that provides nature interpretation services across the whole region. With their bottomless knowledge, they are fully equipped to help you pick mushrooms in the wild, make your own Labrador teabags, explore the world of birds, discover carnivorous plants, and savor absolutely scrumptious plants!

Reservations are mandatory to book an activity with FaunENord. For all inscriptions, please fill out this form, where you will be invited to select a date along with the thematic of your choosing, and a member from the team will contact you shortly after submission. 

Excursions start from the Gilman lake's beach, in Chibougamau. For more information, please visite FaunENord's website.